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Anna-Lena Amend, IEG

I am in my 2nd year of my PhD now at the Institute of Experimental Genetics and a candidate as a spokesperson for the 2nd time. I am also one of your Helmholtz Juniors (HeJus), this means I represent HMGU within a board of all Helmholtz Centers in Germany.
Ever since I started my PhD at HMGU I was part of DINI. I am organizing the monthly get togethers and other social events such as the summer networking event and the snow weekend for the PhD students, so you have quite possibly met me! Doing a PhD is a long and intensive process and these social events provide the opportunity to create a good und functioning network. Exchange and communication with other PhD students about work related interests and problems but also on a social level enables us to connect better with each other and this significantly enhances our working environment. I would like to continue getting people to connect with each other, learn about problems and try to help improving the situation if necessary.