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Sarah Schulz, VIRO

Like so many others I‘ve started my PhD at the Institute of Virology shortly before the Corona pandemic hit, putting most of us in lockdown, and limiting our social networks, which hit those who had only recently moved here for their PhD like me especially hard. 
PhDs are hard enough but in this time I feel it is more important than ever that we reach out towards one another for support and community. DINI is also giving us the chance to make our voices heard, there is strength in numbers and together we can change things for the better. 
I’ve been a student representative before both during my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, mostly focusing on relaying the feedback of the student body to the faculty to improve teaching and administration, so I have some experience there. 
As your student representative, I would strife to improve the conditions here at Helmholtz for all of us as well as bringing students together so we can support each other in a difficult time.